Landscape Maintenance

Our longest commercial maintenance contract has been running for 16 years - possibly a record? - we don't know for sure! - but it does demonstrate the importance we place on reliability and timeliness - the two keys to successful landscape maintenance and your satisfaction.

Remember for the best results it is essential that your maintenance is done at the correct time and that includes taking account of seasonal variations by appropriately varying the schedule.

Using the correct equipment means your landscape is maintained more cost effectively, giving your landscape year-round appeal.
Taking advantage of our high quality landscape maintenance programme means that your environment is well cared for - and that reflects well upon your business.

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Cleanups for Commercial Landscapes

If you are a new owner who wants to give the property a spruce-up or the owner of an existing property preparing for sale or just needing a spring clean then contact us for a quote.

Comprehensive maintenance programmes require the correct equipment, particularly for maintaining the larger areas. Valley Landscape has wide range of equipment to manage both large and small landscaped areas around commercial properties.

Planted areas around buildings also need care and attention. Low maintenance mulches are a good way to keep gardens weed free. From time to time plants may need replacing or shrubs need trimming to keep them looking their best. Valley Landscape have the plant knowledge necessary to keep your gardens looking great.
Lawn Care

Lawn care includes regular mowing, edge trimming, application of fertiliser, and the control of weeds, pests and diseases. It is vital these tasks are carefully timed to the season. For example - mowers are adjusted to ensure lawns are not cut too short for the time of year.

Also many people don't realise when fertilisers should be applied or what to use to control weeds. We take care of all that for you.
Tree Care

Tree care is a specialised field and our affiliation with Arbortech Services Limited means that a qualified arborist is able to undertake all of your tree care requirements.

Tree care includes crown reduction and crown lifting, thinning, dead-wooding, and shaping.
Tree Removal

Removing trees is a specialist operation that requires care and skill to ensure that it is done safely and without damage. Valley Landscape works with Arbortech Services Ltd to undertake all types of tree removal, from dangerous trees in confined places to ornamentals and hedges.
Tree Disposal

All debris from tree operations is fed into a chipper to produce mulch that can be left on site for resident's use or disposed of.
Weed Control

Weeds can be a nightmare to control in large planted or lawn areas. Valley Landscape's Growsafe qualified staff know how to select the right chemical and calibrate the equipment to ensure that chemicals are applied for maximum effect with the minimum amount of chemical. Selective or non-selective chemicals will be chosen depending on the type of weed and their location. Whilst spraying is often the most cost effective means of control great care must be taken to confine spray to the right area.
Chemicals for Weeds, Pests and Diseases

Any chemicals to be used for control of weeds, pests or diseases must be carefully selected and then applied in the correct quantities under the correct situations. Valley Landscape's qualified staff know how to calibrate the equipment to ensure that chemicals are applied for maximum effect with minimum chemical used.

We have a comprehensive contract that covers all facets of landscape maintenance so that you can rest easy that there is a formal obligation for your work to be done. You can concentrate on your business, confident that your maintenance programme is assured.

Included in the contract is a Public Liability provision to ensure you are covered in the unlikely event of accidental damage.